Modern Rifleman Radio review

You can hear a review of the Accufire Rangmaster SRS software from Modern Rifleman Radio here: MRR#13 Accufire Systems and Part 1 of The Rifleman’s Rifle. The review of the Accufire software starts at the 20 min 30 second mark of the podcast.

Nationellt Pistolskytte magazine review from Sweden

Swedish shooting competition magazine “Nationellt Pistolskytte” reviewed our Accufire Rangemaster Simulator software and found it as the best option of all the commonly found dry fire training applications and accessories it reviewed (standalone SIRT, LaserLyte Target and Cans, etc.). Here are some quotes translated from Swedish:

"I have found excellent software for this purpose from I can certainly recommend a visit to the website; there are videos that show you exactly how it all works, which describe the different modes in the software, and so on.
"There are several different modes in the software, and it is actually very useful and well thought out."
"The Laserlyte cartridge along with the Accufire Systems the best option (aside from real fire shooting) because you are actually using your real weapons..."

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