Here is the Rangemaster Shooting Range Simulator in action.

Each shot you take is recorded by the software, giving you statistics such as your group size and average distance to the center of the target.

There are other modes as well, including:
- Competition Mode
- Reaction Timing Mode
- Area Shooting Mode

Read below for a more detailed description of the Rangemaster SRS.

Rangemaster Shooting Range Simulator software allows you to do dry fire training at home with your own firearm and any paper target using a pulsed laser source (SIRT pistol, LaserLyte Cartridge, etc.) The Rangemaster SRS turns your computer into a highly accurate home shooting range. The program will give you instant performance feedback: record the exact position of every shot you make, give you detailed statistics on your group size and much more. You can practice shooting from a holster and have competitions with your friends!

With the high cost of ammunition, it becomes difficult to go shooting often. For the cost of a couple trips to the range, the Rangemaster SRS lets you shoot every night. Putting time into dry fire practice can greatly improve your shooting skills. The Rangemaster SRS does not replace going to the range, but it makes your time spent at the range much more effective. If you're serious about improving your handgun skills, this is the product for you.

The Rangemaster SRS works in conjunction with your webcam and computer and keeps track of your shots taken with a pulse laser source (such as the Laserlyte Laser Trainer Cartridge).

It plays realistic gunshot sounds for audible feedback while you practice.

Repeatable to +/- 1/10th of an inch (measured at a 1.5 ft focal length).

What you need to use the Rangemaster SRS:
- The Rangemaster SRS software, which you can buy here.
- Your home computer
- Your firearm
- A pulse laser source, such as the Laserlyte Laser Trainer Cartridge or LTS-PRO/Universal
- A webcam, compatible webcams include the Microsoft VX-5000, Logitech Pro 9000, and Logitech C260

Optional equipment:
- A USB extension cable -- allows you to have your computer up to 20 meters from you target
- A tripod -- facilitates setting up your webcam by your target

We provide links to purchase a laser source, webcam, and optional equipment on the Rangemaster SRS's product page.

Note: normal gun-mounted lasers used for aiming are currently not supported by the Rangemaster SRS.

The modes of the Rangemaster SRS are:

Solo Practice Mode

Just start shooting, and the Rangemaster SRS will tell you your group size and aveage distance to the center of the target.

Here, six shots were taken. Each shot is numbered and the time for each shot is shown on the left. Also on the left is the group size and average distance to center.

Solo Practice Mode

Competition Mode

Take turns shooting with others and see who's the best shooter! You can also use this mode to try out different shooting techniques.

Here, two players took five shots each. The Rangemaster SRS scores them by their group sizes. Player 1 won with a group size of 1.88 inches.

Competition Mode

Reaction Timing Mode

Set a time delay and at the beep, perform an action such as drawing from your holster and shoot as fast as you can.

Here, the shooter took four shots from his holster. The time from the each beep to when he hit the target is shown on the left.

Reaction Timing Mode

Area Shooting Mode

Define areas on the screen to shoot at and try to hit them quickly.

Here, four areas were selected. The shooter then clicks Start and at the beep, starts shooting. The shooter took a shot at each of the four targets, and his hits and times can be seen on the left.

Area Shooting Mode